Retreat Application

Application to Attend Pediatric Independence Retreat


The number of independent pediatric practices in the United States is declining at an alarming rate. According to several recent surveys fewer own practices than those who are employed at hospitals and other organizations. The leadership of Adjuvant.Health is committed to stopping and reversing this disturbing trend.


The Adjuvant.Health Pediatric Independence Retreat is a new and exclusive two-day event focusing on best practices to ensure independence. The retreat will be held in New York in early May of 2020. Qualified practitioners and practices will be invited to attend at no charge and transportation costs will be covered. This event will feature nationally recognized speakers, practice management experts and practicing pediatricians. Event dates, location, agenda, speakers and specific dates will be announced in January 2020. Sessions will cover profitability, technology and EMR integration, HR and employee engagement, office efficiency, patient experience and communication and threat identification. All attendees will participate in peer-to-peer roundtable discussions with likeminded professionals. A highlight of the retreat will be a special look into the future of ambulatory pediatric care delivery.